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Brazilian Cherry Wood Baseboard Diffuser - Unfinished

Brazilian Cherry Wood Baseboard Diffuser - Unfinished
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Baseboard Vent Covers - Brazilian Cherry Wood Air Registers

Brazilian Cherry wood baseboard vent covers provide a warmer look than metal vent covers. Each wood air register comes unfinished, which allows you to paint or stain to match your decor. These baseboard vent covers are suitable for use with ducts on the floor or wall along the baseboard, simply adjust the flap damper accordingly. Wood air registers with a flap damper are either open or closed, there is not an in between setting. The baseboard vent covers are made of 100% wood with a solid Brazilian Cherry faceplate. Installation of your new baseboard vent cover is easy. Simply remove the wood air registers faceplate and screw the frame into the base of the wall, then replace the faceplate. The removable faceplate on the wood air register allows for both easy installation and cleaning.

Baseboard Vent Cover Highlights

  • 100% wood air registers
  • Solid Brazilian Cherry faceplate
  • Bottom or rear air feed
  • Flap damper to open or close
  • Unfinished Wood
  • Please Note: The faceplate is a solid Brazilian Cherry while the body is made of solid wood. If you purchase this unfinished version, you will need to put an additional coat of stain on the body to match the Brazilian Cherry faceplate (please see detailed photos).

Brazilian Cherry Baseboard Available Size:

Item Length Height Base Projection
20533 15 1/8 4 1/2 3 5/8

Need these Brazilian Cherry baseboard vent covers to come alread finished? Find the natural finish version of this great wood air register.

Wood air registers bring warmth into your space. Order yours today!

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