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Baseboard Return Air Grille - Golden Sand Finish

Baseboard Return Air Grille - Golden Sand Finish

Cold Air Return Vent - Golden Sand Baseboard Vent Covers

Looking for a cold air return vent in something other than your traditional white? Well this baseboard vent covers enamel finish is in a warm golden sand hue. The cold air return vent is constructed out of all steel and is a break away from the norm. Hart and Cooley baseboard vent covers are also made to be 7/8" deep so that this cold air return vent projects off the wall a little bit.

Our cold air return vent can also be used in heating needs since it is just an open faceplate which distributes airflow. These baseboard vent covers are made with pre-drilled screw holes for easy mounting on either your wall or ceiling.

Cold Air Return Vent Highlights

  • Baseboard vent covers have golden sand enamel finish
  • Side depth is 7/8"
  • Constructed out of all steel
  • Pre drilled screw holes and screws provided
  • Fins are 1/3" spaced for optimal airflow
  • Grille remains open

Available Sizes:

Item # Hole Size Faceplate Size
24-0407 14 x 6 15 3/4 x 7 3/4
24-0410 14 x 8 15 3/4 x 9 3/4
24-0411 24 x 6 25 3/4 x 7 3/4
24-0408 30 x 6 31 3/4 x 7 3/4
24-0409 30 x 8 31 3/4 x 9 3/4

Tip: To order your baseboard vent covers correctly, you must not measure an existing grille on your wall. Remove that grille and measure your wall hole opening. The 30 x 8 cold air return vent will cover a hole which measure 30 inches wide by 8 inches high.

This baseboard vent covers golden sand finish is just one option that can be found listed with our other baseboard vents.

Cold air return vents by Hart and Cooley can be purchased to match other baseboard vent covers and style today.


SKU 24-0407#
Price: $13.49
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