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Accord/Greystone is a manufacturer that specializes in vents for walls, floors, ceilings and baseboards. Decorative designs made by Accord/Greystone include the Wicker, Contemporary, Manhattan, Marquis, Cathedral and Charlotte designs. These high quality vents and registers come in an array of finishes and sizes.


White Steel Louvered Floor Register
SKU: 61-0503#
Find classic white floor register in 11 sizes from 2.25 x 10 up to 6 x 14. These White Steel Louvered Floor Registers are an economical option for any space.
Brown Louvered Floor Register
SKU: 61-0488#
Brown vent covers in a classic style and color. 11 popular sizes available starting at 2 x 10 up to 6 x 14.
Antique Brass Wicker Floor Register
SKU: 61-0001#
These decorative antique brass floor registers are made with a steel faceplate and plastic damper and come in 8 sizes. Control the airflow in your home with this durable vent. Order today!
Polished Brass Wicker Floor Register
SKU: 61-0057#

This brilliantly plated polished brass floor register is made with a steel faceplate! It also has a no rust, plastic adjustable damper. Simply drop the decorative vent cover into floor opening and installation is done.

Satin Nickel Wicker Floor Register
SKU: 61-0039#

Buy these satin nickel floor registers today and brighten up your floors. Sturdy and affordable, this decorative vent cover is made out of plated steel. The faceplate is coated in a preventative lacquer to stop corrosion.

Oil Rubbed Bronze Wicker Floor Register
SKU: 61-0033#

Rich in color, these oil rubbed bronze registers are powder coated to protect the finish. Able to hold up to 200lbs, this sturdy decorative vent cover is a must have for any room. Try them out now!

Antique Brass Marquis Steel Floor Register
SKU: 61-0805#

Made out of plated steel, these decorative registers are are made to last a long time. There is a steel damper that adjusts to open or close off airflow. Purchase now!

Satin Nickel Marquis Steel Floor Register
SKU: 61-0801#
Our floor vent cover is a Marquis decorative design that will look great in your home. Finished in a beautiful satin nickel, this steel faceplate is made to last. Order today to ship straight to your door.
Pewter Marquis Cast Iron Floor Register
SKU: 61-0803#

Available in three sizes, this Marquis floor register is beautifully plated in a pewter finish. Order this decorative vent now and control your air flow with style.

Plastic Contemporary White Floor Register
SKU: 61-0045#
This white vent cover is made completely out of plastic, so it will not rust. The damper on this plastic air diffuser is adjustable, allowing you control of the airflow. Swap out rusted metal registers for these today!
Plastic Victorian Satin Nickel Floor Registers
SKU: 61-0013#

Decorate your space with Victorian registers that are made out of a high-density plastic. These heat vent covers can hold around 300 lbs, making them a durable solution when looking to replace rusted vents.

Plastic Contemporary Satin Nickel Floor Register
SKU: 61-0203#
Look no further for a modern floor register that is affordable and durable. This plastic air vent cover will liven up any room with its satin nickel finish. Purchase them today to use at home or in the office!
Plastic Contemporary Polished Brass Floor Register
SKU: 61-0009#

These contemporary and modern brass air vents are your chance to spruce up your home's style. The secret to these plastic registers is that they are made of a high-density resin, giving them the same durability as a metal register!

Plastic Contemporary Antique Brass Floor Register
SKU: 61-0200#

Our antique brass plastic floor register has a fully adjustable damper so that you can control airflow in your home. Order them today and see how nicely this will blend in with any style.

Plastic Contemporary Oak Floor Register
SKU: 61-0022
Our oak plastic vent covers are suitable to use in bathrooms and kitchens where moisture is present. Match your hardwood to this oak floor register and fool your friends and family! Try them today.
Accord Stamped Steel Baseboard Register - White
SKU: 61-0532#
Durable stamped steel core with protective finish means these baseboard registers will last for years.
White Steel Baseboard Register
SKU: 61-0500#

Find basic baseboard diffusers in 15", 18", and 24" lengths. The sunburst design creates three way air deflection.

4 Foot Metal Baseboard Register - White
SKU: 24-0079#
Find our white 48" registers for the baseboard with an adjustable damper for unbeatable comfort control.
4 Foot Metal Baseboard Register - Brown
SKU: 24-0080#
These 48" baseboard registers are a solid choice with their steel construction. Have hard to find 48" baseboard diffusers shipped straight to you in no time.
Wicker Baseboard Register - Antique Brass
SKU: 61-0007#

Wicker style baseboard registers have an adjustable damper to easily control air flow. The plated antique brass finish is sure to bring warmth into any space.

4 Foot Metal Baseboard Return - White
SKU: 24-0081#

Classically finished in a bright white enamel, this metal return air grille is perfect for your heating and cooling needs. Available only in this 4 foot long length, this triangular baseboard vent is also 4.5" in height.

Return Air Grille - White
SKU: 24-0086#

These white return air grilles are made out of all steel and have a 5/16" depth to their side. Purchase your metal air vents in one large order to save on shipping! Click the link to see all 55 sizes listed.

Return Air Grille - 6 Inch Round
SKU: 61-0599

This 6" air return grille is circular in design and does not include a damper unit. Our round air vent comes in this traditional white finish and installs quickly.

Return Air Grille - 8 Inch Round
SKU: 61-0600

Open, round vent covers for your heating or cooling needs now available to cover a hole of 8". Made out of a durable steel, these white ceiling return grilles can be shipped straight to your home.

Return Air Grille - Unfinished Red Oak
SKU: 61-0100#
Ordering unfinished oak vent covers means you are able to stain them as you please! The durable 1/2" thick faceplate on these return air grilles ensures you are getting a quality product at a reasonable price.
Return Air Grille - Light Oak Finish
SKU: 61-0106#
Purchase your wooden air vents with us today and have it shipped straight to your door! The air return grilles are stained in a light oak finish and will look great with other wooden accents.
Return Air Filter Grilles - White
SKU: 61-0702#

Classically simple, these white return air filter grilles will work on your walls and ceilings. The white vents had a latched frame which can be removed for cleaning or changing your air filter. Filter is sold separately.

Sidewall / Ceiling Register
SKU: 61-0512#
Purchase this sidewall and ceiling register today and improve your offices airflow with it's bidirectional diffuser. Screws for this metal air diffuser are included for easy installation.
Light Oak Finished Sidewall Ceiling Register
SKU: 61-0104#
Durable wood register covers by Accord are made out of a red oak and are pre stained. The adjustable damper in the back is made from plastic so it won't rust! These wood vents offer a different option from the standard white registers.
Accord Unfinished Red Oak Wall Register
SKU: 61-0102#
Our unfinished wall air registers are made out of a red oak and can be used on sidewalls or ceilings. The oak vent cover comes with screws and is shipped for one low cost!
Accord White Round Register - 6 Inch
SKU: 61-0599+595

These round registers can be used on your wall or ceiling. The metal air register includes a butterfly damper for adjusting your airflow in your room. Update old rusted vents now.

Accord White Round Register - 8 Inch
SKU: 61-0600+596

Our steel air vent register is finished in white and powder coated for added protection. Durable and practical, this round ceiling vent is made to diffuse your hot and cold air.

Charlotte Floor Register - Light Oil Rubbed Bronze Finish
SKU: 61-0925

Charlotte design Accord floor vents in a beautiful light oil rubbed bronze finish. Decorative floor register sold in sizes 4x10, 4x12, 4x14 and 6x10.

Manhattan Floor Register - Antique Brass Finish
SKU: 61-0941

Beautiful decorative floor registers in a Manhattan design. Floor vent is constructed of plated steel with plating. This affordable antique brass floor register is sold in sizes 4x10, 4x12, 4x14 and 6x10.

Manhattan Floor Register - Oil Rubbed Bronze Finish
SKU: 61-0937

Beautiful and affordable decorative floor vents. These Manhattan design oil rubbed bronze register covers are sold in the 4x10, 4x12, 4x14 and 6x10 floor registers.

Manhattan Floor Register - Satin Nickel Finish
SKU: 61-0933

Manhattan decorative floor register covers by Accord. This satin nickel floor register is sold in 4x10, 4x12, 4x14 and 6x10 sizes.

Cathedral Floor Register - Satin Nickel Finish
SKU: 61-0921

Cathedral Accord Ventilation floor registers in an attractive satin nickel plated finish. This decorative metal floor vent is available in sizes 4x10, 4x12, 4x14 and 6x10.

Cathedral Floor Register - Light Oil Rubbed Bronze Finish
SKU: 61-0917

Cathedral decorative floor vents by Accord registers. These floor registers oil rubbed bronze light are sold in 4x10, 4x12, 4x14 and 6x10 sizes.

Charlotte Floor Register - Satin Nickel Finish
SKU: 61-0929

Unique Charlotte geometic design floor registers in a beautiful satin nickel finish. This decorative floor register is available in 4x10, 4x12, 4x14 and 6x10 sizes.