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AC Draftshield Plastic Vent Cover

AC Draftshield Plastic Vent Cover

Plastic Vent Cover - AC Draftshield

This plastic vent cover, which is made from a durable, recycled plastic will help seal off unused vents to help cool down or heat up your house. AC draftshields create a vacuum like seal to help prevent cold air sneaking into your home. The plastic vent cover is effective in preventing drafts which cannot be stopped by just closing your vents damper. AC draftshield covers are a smart way to save money on your energy bills. Use this plastic vent cover to keep temperature levels exactly where you want them!

These draftshields can also be used during any renovation work to help prevent debris and dirt from coming through your ceiling vents. Perfect plastic vent covers will protect your space from all types of contaminants and odors which can enter in through your ductwork. Our draftshield serves for more than just closing off drafts, making it an effective tool to have in home or office.

When installing the plastic vent cover, no professional help or tools are needed! Simply mount the draftshield using the included hardware onto your vent. Instructions are included with the purchase.

Plastic Vent Cover Highlights

  • Draftshield made from durable plastic
  • Energy and cost efficient 
  • Insulates home from heat loss
  • Protects against cold drafts
  • Seals off debris and dirt during renovations
  • Easy installation

Available Sizes:



Item # Inside Dimensions Outside Dimensions
25-0052 16 x 8 18.5 x 10.25
25-0053 12 x 12 13.5 x 13.5
25-0054 14 x 14 15.5 x 15.5
25-0055 24 x 24** 25.5 x 25.5

**This size will drop ship direct from the manufacturer

Tip: When ordering the draftshield, the measurements provided will be for the inside measurements of the cover. The outer seal of the vent will be just outside of this measurement.

Our other plastic vent covers available help to deflect air flow instead of completely sealing it off.

Order your AC draft shield today and make a difference in the way your home feels.

Watch the installation video by clicking on this image
AC Draftshield Installation
SKU 25-0052
Weight 1.00 lbs
Price: $23.49
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AC Draftshield Plastic Vent Cover
AC Draftshield Plastic Vent Cover - Example 3
AC Draftshield Plastic Vent Cover - Example 2
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