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10 Inch Round Ceiling Grille

10 Inch Round Ceiling Grille

10 Inch Round Ceiling Grille - White

Affordable 10 inch round ceiling grille sold in an attractive white enamel finish. This all steel round air vent cover is duable enough to be used on the wall or ceiling. The return air vent features a step-down diffuser ring which allows a complete 360 degree intake of air. Matching installation screws are included with shipment.

Round Air Vent Covers Highlights

  • White enamel finish
  • All steel construction
  • Step down diffuser rings
  • Screws included
  • Made for a 10" diameter hole in the ceiling
  • Faceplate measure 13 15/16"
  • No damper to close off airflow

Tip: This round ceiling grille should be ordered according to your ceiling hole opening. The 10" return air vent faceplate will properly cover a hole opening of 10".

***10 inch ceiling return air grill is a special order item that takes approximately 2 weeks to ship

This round air vent cover can also be purchased with a damper which will close off airflow for when not in use.

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