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TruAire Oil Rubbed Bronze Baseboard Register

TruAire Oil Rubbed Bronze Baseboard Register

Oil Rubbed Bronze Baseboard Register - Metal Register 15 and 18

These baseboard registers are unlike the regular ones you see in most homes! These have an oil rubbed bronze finish that will allow your home to stand out from the crowd. The removable faceplate on this register makes installation and cleaning a breeze. Simply pop off the faceplate, install the register into your wall and then pop the faceplate back into place. It's sunburst design has a 3-way deflection to help make sure air is flowing throughout the entire room. These baseboard grilles so come with a damper that you are able to control the airflow with. Simply open or close off airflow when needed. These registers are made of stamped steel to ensure durability. They are also available in two sizes, 15 and 18

Baseboard Diffuser Highlights:

  • Removable faceplate for easy install and cleaning
  • Sunburst design allows for 3-way air deflection
  • Adjusable damper
  • Can be used for heating or cooling systems
  • Screws included 

Sizing Chart: 


Item # Register Length Base Projection Top Projection Height
49-0109 15" 2 11/16" 11/16" 4 7/16"
49-0110 18" 2 11/16" 11/16" 4 7/16"


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