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Red Oak Wood Baseboard Diffuser - Natural Finish
SKU: 20137

Add warmth to any room by installing baseboard vent covers with a clear finish. Shipped straight to your door!

Red Oak Wood Baseboard Diffuser - Unfinished
SKU: 20133

Unfinished baseboard diffusers will allow you to stain them to match your wood floors or trim. Suitable for rear and bottom feed baseboard duct holes. Order in 15", 18" or 24" sizes to suit your needs.

Return Air Filter Grilles - White
SKU: 61-0702#

Classically simple, these white return air filter grilles will work on your walls and ceilings. The white vents had a latched frame which can be removed for cleaning or changing your air filter. Filter is sold separately.

Return Air Grille - 6 Inch Round
SKU: 61-0599

This 6" air return grille is circular in design and does not include a damper unit. Our round air vent comes in this traditional white finish and installs quickly.

Return Air Grille - 8 Inch Round
SKU: 61-0600

Open, round vent covers for your heating or cooling needs now available to cover a hole of 8". Made out of a durable steel, these white ceiling return grilles can be shipped straight to your home.

Return Air Grille - Brass Plated
SKU: 10-0156
Durable brass vent covers have a plated finish which will lighten up any room. The faceplate on this return air grate will measure larger than the listed hole size to ensure it covers up ductwork.
Return Air Grille - Light Oak Finish
SKU: 61-0106#
Purchase your wooden air vents with us today and have it shipped straight to your door! The air return grilles are stained in a light oak finish and will look great with other wooden accents.
Return Air Grille - Pewter Plated
SKU: 10-0170#
Install this metal grille easily by using the screws which are provided with your order. These return air vents can be used for both heating and cooling needs as they remain open to allow for proper air flow.
Return Air Grille - Plastic
SKU: 10-0180#

Plastic vent covers are the ultimate solution to stop rusting vents from attacking your ductwork. This classic cold air return can be used on the wall or the ceiling and will sit virtually flat once mounted.

Return Air Grille - Unfinished Red Oak
SKU: 61-0100#
Ordering unfinished oak vent covers means you are able to stain them as you please! The durable 1/2" thick faceplate on these return air grilles ensures you are getting a quality product at a reasonable price.
Return Air Grille - White
SKU: 24-0086#

These white return air grilles are made out of all steel and have a 5/16" depth to their side. Purchase your metal air vents in one large order to save on shipping! Click the link to see all 55 sizes listed.