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Hamilton Sinkler Flat Floor Register

Purchase these stylish satin nickel registers which are made of solid brass. The finish is plated for durability and is more rust resistant than traditional metal registers. There are 19 sizes available.

Hamilton Sinkler Flat Wall Register

Decorative wall registers made from solid brass are an elegant choice for any decor. Plated in satin nickel, this heat vent is a more rust resistant option than traditional metal vents. Available in 21 sizes.

Hamilton Sinkler Heritage Floor Register

Decorative bronze floor register are a great addition to any space. You will love these air vent diffusers which simply install by dropping into place.

Hamilton Sinkler Heritage Wall Register

Bronze vent covers will bring old world charm into your home. The gorgeous Hamilton Sinkler wall registers are as eye pleasing as they are tough. Installation screws come with order.

Hamilton Sinkler Scroll Bronze Patina Floor Register

Bronze registers are a great alternative to more common metals. They have a unique look that will bring style to your space. Available in many sizes to fit your needs.

Hamilton Sinkler Scroll Bronze Patina Wall Register

These scroll registers are a great way to bring personality into your room with their warm, bronze patina finish. Our wall vents are equipped with installation screws and come in 26 sizes to fit your needs.

Hamilton Sinkler Strathmore Antique Brass Floor Register

These gorgeous antique brass Strathmore vents are sure to bring a touch of old world class to your space. Use these air vents in your floor by simply dropping into place. Choose from 9 common sizes.

Hamilton Sinkler Strathmore Antique Brass Wall Register

These gorgeous antique brass Strathmore wall vents are sure to bring a touch of old world class to your space. Made from solid brass with a plated finish, these wall registers are made to be durable. Sizes 2 x 10 to 6 x 14.

Hamilton Sinkler Strathmore Black Floor Register

The black floor registers will bring sophistication to your room. Made from solid brass with a sleek black finish. Easily upgrade your space with these 9 different sizes.

Hamilton Sinkler Strathmore Black Wall Register

Take a look at these classic black Strathmore wall vents made with a solid brass core. Offered in 9 standard sizes, they are sure to bring a touch of sophistication to your space.

Hamilton Sinkler Strathmore Chrome Floor Register

Chrome floor registers will bring a sense of style to your room. Easily upgrade any space with these 9 different sizes.

Hamilton Sinkler Strathmore Chrome Wall Register

Update your home with these lovely chrome wall registers which are made from solid brass. Strathmore decorative wall vents come in 9 sizes and are also available as floor registers.

Hamilton Sinkler Strathmore Polished Brass Floor Register

Purchase our decorative floor register in this plated polished brass finish and redesign your home decor. There are 9 air vent cover sizes to choose from, all of which have an adjustable damper attached.

Hamilton Sinkler Strathmore Polished Brass Wall Register

Check out our gorgeous polished brass Strathmore wall vents. Available in sizes from 2 x 10 to 6 x 14, these registers are sure to bring a touch of warmth to your space.

Heavy Gauge Floor Grille - Brown
SKU: 10-0040#

These heavy duty floor grilles will stand the test of time. Great for the highest traffic areas in commercial or residential locations.

Heavy Gauge Floor Return Grille - White
SKU: 10-0300

Hard-to-find White heavy duty floor grates in 22 sizes ranging from 4x10 to 20x20. The floor grilles are made of all steel and can be used in commercial and residential locations. These stocked floor return grilles feature a a grate design to allow for maximum airflow intake.

Heavy Gauge Steel Floor Register
SKU: 24-0078#

Our heavy duty floor registers are made out of a steel construction and are top of the line! Offered in a light brown enamel, this metal vent is easy to install, simply drop into your floor opening!

High Output American Cherry Flush Mount
SKU: 64-0031#

These heat vent covers are made out of the finest American Cherry wood. Our wood floor register covers are constructed with a metal, adjustable damper and are flush mounts. Purchase today to install with your floors.

High Output Brazilian Cherry Flush Mount
SKU: 64-0040#

These Brazilian Cherry flush mount vent will distribute 30% more air than other wood registers. The floor register damper is made out of steel. Buy these beauties now for seamless floors!

High Output Maple Flush Mount
SKU: 64-0011#

The maple vents are made in the USA for 3/4" thick flooring but special thicknesses can be special ordered. Not meant for previously installed floors. Click or call to order.

High Output Red Oak Flush Mount
SKU: 64-0001#

Our high output floor diffusers are made with a steel damper which slides open or close. These flush wood floor vents are made in the US and are for 3/4" thick flooring. Order them now!

High Output White Oak Flush Mount
SKU: 64-0020#

Our flush mount floor registers are to be installed along with new hardwood flooring. The white oak vents will create a smooth and beautiful, natural finish to your space. Try them today!