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Coastal Bronze Black Iron Oriental

Coastal Bronze Black Iron Oriental

Coastal Bronze Black Iron Oriental

Design your space with this eye catching oriental coastal bronze floor register. This comes in 10 typical household sizes that you can select from. Remarkably durable made with 100% recycled metals and is a solid 5mm thick iron, this will not tear or wear down. The oriental coastal bronze floor register holds a damper that you can open and close to regulate airflow. It is finished off with a high end black coat to help prevent rust.

Black Iron Oriental Highlights

- Solid Cast with 5mm thick iron
- Highly Rust Resistant
- 100 % Recycled Metals
- Super durable and heavy duty
- Contain a damper that allows you to control airflow

Available Sizes :
Item # Hole Size Overall Dimensions
02-210-A-19 2" x 10" 3.5" x11"
02-212-A-19 2" x 12" 3.65" x 13.25"
02-214-A-19 2" x 14" 3.65" x 15.25"
02-310-A-19 3" x 10" 4.25" x 11"
02-410-A-19 4" x 10" 5.25" x 11"
02-412-A-19 4" x 12" 5.25" x 13"
02-414-A-19 4" x 14" 5.25" 15"
02-610-A-19 6" x 10" 6.5" x 11"
02-612-A-19 6" x 12" 6.5" x 12.75"
02-614-A-19 6" x 14" 6.75" x 15.25"

Tip: When ordering your heavy duty floor registers, make sure you are getting the measurement of the hole in the floor. A 4 x 10 metal vent will fit into a hole opening which measures 4 x 10 and the overall dimensions would be 5.25" x 11".

Please Note: This item is shipping directly from the manufacturer and will have a lead time up to 4-6 business days.
Any items made with screw holes will have a lead time of 4-6 weeks.

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Purchase the oriental coastal bronze series floor register today!
SKU 02-210-A-19
Price: $38.00
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