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Urban Registers

Urban Grilles offers beautiful designs for both wall and floor aluminum vents.


Urban Registers Wall Return Air Grille
SKU: Urban-8-Rnd

Order your unique aluminum vent from Urban in either a rectangular or round style. It will ship within 3 to 4 weeks of ordering. These decorative return air grilles will come bare and can be left that way or painted. This unit does not come with a damper, but you can order it with or without screw holes.
Choose from round, square, or rectangular sizes.Lead time of 3-4 weeks

Urban Registers Floor Return Air Grille
SKU: Urban-8-Rnd+Floor

These aluminum vents are hand crafted by Urban Registers and are made to please any desire. You can paint the floor return grille or leave bare! Order now by click or call.Lead time of 3-4 weeks

Urban Registers Wall Register
SKU: Urban-66+Register

Urban decorative wall registers are your opportunity for unique, hand crafted replacements for metal grilles. This aluminum air vent will not rust and can be painted to match any room's decor.Lead time of 3-4 weeks

Urban Registers Floor Register
SKU: Urban-66+Floor+Register

Try these aluminum floor registers in your home for an elegant alternative to traditional metal vents. This decorative register cover can be left bare or painted to match any room! Lead time of 3-4 weeks