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Unfinished Oak Flush Mount Floor Register

Unfinished Oak Flush Mount Floor Register

Red Oak Flush Mount Register - Standard Floor Vent Covers

Our red oak flush mount registers are designed specifically to click into place with your new hardwood floors. These floor vent covers have to be installed at the same time as your floor in order to work properly. The red oak flush mount register is left unfinished so that once installation has been completed; you can choose how to stain your floor!

All of the floor vent covers are made with a flat, adjustable metal damper which can be found underneath the insert faceplate. The entire red oak flush mount register is made for 3/4" thick flooring. Solid Oak floor vent covers are the perfect solution when you are looking for a smooth and natural looking floor.

Red Oak Flush Mount Register Highlights

  • Floor vent covers installed only with new hardwood
  • Flat, adjustable metal damper insert
  • Solid red oak species and left unstained
Available Sizes:
Item # Register/Hole Size Outside Dimensions of Frame Outside Dimensions of Insert
37-0107 2 1/4 x 12 4 6/16 x 14 2/16 2 7/16 x 12 2/16
37-0109 4 x 10 6 3/4 x 12 1/4 4 10/16 x 10 1/4
37-0110 4 x 12 6 3/4 x 14 1/2 4 10/16 x 12 6/16
61-0650 6 x 10 9 x 12 3/4 6 10/16 x 10 6/16
61-0651 6 x 12 9 x 14 3/4 6 11/16 x 12 7/16

Tip:These red oak flush mount register can only be installed along with new flooring. When deciding what floor vent covers size you need, take the measurement of your hole opening and order to the nearest size.

Looking for more than red oak flush mount registers? Or floor vents for already installed floors? Take a look at our full selection of wood floor registers for more options.

Our red oak flush mount registers will be a great addition in any environment whether it is at work or at home, order these today!
SKU 37-0107#
Price: $15.15
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