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Return Air Grille - Pewter Plated

Return Air Grille - Pewter Plated

Metal Grille - Petwer Return Air Vents

These flat metal grilles have a turnback of 3/16 an inch, making this a practically flat grille. Our pewter return air vents are installed over your ceiling or wall duct work and remain open to let air flow through your space. Pewter finished metal grilles are a simple decorative touch that will change up your look at an affordable price. Functional return air vents are a must but that doesn’t mean you must settle for traditional white.

Install the metal grilles in a snap without any professional help. Provided with the return air vents are a set of screws which are to be set into the pre drilled screw holes and then mounted. The metal grilles are constructed out of all steel to match other metal grilles and registers in your home. Our return air vents are to be purchased according to the hole opening in your wall and will have a faceplate which measures slightly larger.

Flat Metal Grille Highlights

  • Return air vents have a 3/16 inch depth
  • Use over ceiling or wall ducts
  • Decorative pewter finish
  • 20 degree angle spacing of fins
  • Screws are provided for installation

Available Sizes:

Item # Hole Size Faceplate
10-0170 12 x 6 13.25 x 7.25
10-0171 14 x 6 15.25 x 7.25
10-0172 20 x 6 21.25 x 7.25
10-0173 24 x 6 25.25 x 7.25
10-0174 30 x 6 31.25 x 7.25
10-0175 12 x 8 13.25 x 9.25
10-0176 14 x 8 15.25 x 9.25
10-0177 24 x 8 25.25 x 9.25
10-0178 30 x 8 31.25 x 9.25

Tip: The return air vents faceplate will measure approximately 1 1/4" larger than the listed size below. When ordering, do not take measurements of your old grilles. These metal grilles are listed by your duct opening. The 24 x 8 will cover a hole which measures 24 x 8 inches.

Check out more return air vents on our website for other finishes offered. We also have this item in a baseboard return for those looking for a return with a 7/8".

Our pewter metal grilles are brightly plated and will add a sparkle to any space whether it be your home or office so try today!
SKU 10-0170#
Price: $8.09
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