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Designer Color Baseboard Register - Extended Height

Designer Color Baseboard Register - Extended Height

Metal Baseboard Registers - Decorative Vents

These metal baseboard registers are made to be 5.5" tall to accommodate modern baseboard heights and have a 2.75" projection. Choose your decorative vents finish from the 7 options which are listed below and find a non traditional color to match your home accents. Our metal baseboard registers feature a sunburst design which will allow air to flow in three directions. The decorative vents have a handle in the front which can be adjusted to open and close the damper and is accessible by hand or foot.

Metal baseboard registers are constructed from a durable steel and have a powder coating finish. When looking to clean decorative vents, simply pop out the faceplate from the frame and use a damp or dry cloth to remove dust and dirt. Our metal baseboard registers are available in 15 inches, 18 inches or 24 inches in length. Purchase the decorative vents today for one low shipping cost and have them sent to you home or construction site.

Metal Baseboard Registers Highlights

  • Decorative vents have 7 non traditional color options
  • Taller height measures 5.5"
  • Available in 3 lengths
  • Sunburst design allows for tri-directional pattern
  • Constructed from steel
  • Triangular projection is 2.75"
  • Damper is adjustable by hand or foot
Decorative Designer Finishes Available:
Shoemaker 857 Designer Color Choices Baseboard Register

Available Decorative Finishes and Sizes:
Decorative Finish Length (in inches)
  15 18 24
Neutral cream with yellow undertones
24-0111 24-0112 24-0113
Blends well with oil rubbed bronze fixtures
24-0114 24-0115 24-0116
Coffee Tan
Neutral, warm
24-0117 24-0118 24-0119
Yellow in hue
24-0120 24-0121 24-0122
Black Velvet
Bold, masculine
24-0123 24-0124 24-0125
Camaro Silver
blends well with brushed silver finishes
24-0126 24-0133 24-0128
Navajo White
Antique White. Softer than normal bright white
24-0129 24-0130 24-0132

Important: These decorative vents are ordered from the manufacturer once payment has been received and are considered special order, non returnable items. Please allow 4 to 6 weeks for the product to ship.
Find your metal baseboard registers also in classic white or golden sand for more traditional finishes.

Order your decorative vents to give your home or office an updated look!

SKU 24-0111#
Price: $64.99
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