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Classic Grills Renaissance Themed Registers - Aluminum

Classic Grills Renaissance Themed Registers - Aluminum

Solid Aluminum Louvered Vent - Decorative Air Registers

Our Classic Grilles aluminum louvered vents are offered in a painted brown, black, white, or bare finish. If you order the decorative air registers in a bare finish, a clear protective coating will be applied to prevent oxidation. The 1/4" thick aluminum louvered vent faceplate will not rust so it is great to use in areas with high humidity. The Renaissance decorative air registers damper is made of steel and will adjust for airflow control.

Our aluminum louvered vents are sand cast and made by hand, providing our customers with the highest of quality in this product. Classic Grilles decorative air registers are made in America as well and come with installation screws for easy wall or ceiling mounting. When ordering the aluminum louvered vents, make sure to order according to the measurement of your duct opening. All of the decorative air registers which are ordered will ship straight to your door for one low cost!

Aluminum Louvered Vent Highlights

  • Decorative air registers have steel dampers
  • Faceplate will not rust
  • Painted or bare options available
  • Sand cast 1/4" thick faceplate
  • Made in America by hand
  • Installs onto wall or ceiling with screws

Notes to Remember for Ordering Decorative Air Registers

  • Bare aluminum louvered vents will have clear coat applied
  • Use drop down menu to select with or without screw holes
  • Orders with screw holes selected come with screws for installation
  • Renaissance design may change between sizes
  • Finishes appearing on the monitor may look different in real life


Available Sizes:


Sizes in Inches
  10 x 3 12 x 4 14 x 4
6 x 6 10 x 4 12 x 6 14 x 6
8 x 4 10 x 6 12 x 8 14 x 8
8 x 6 10 x 8 12 x 10 14 x 10
8 x 8 10 x 10 12 x 12 14 x 12
10 x 2 12 x 2 14 x 2 14 x 14




Tip: Our aluminum louvered vent is listed by the measurement of your ductwork opening. The 10 x 2 decorative air registers will fit into a duct opening of 10 x 2 inches. Outside measurements will be 2 inches larger to allow for installation. Overall measurements can change between sizes since they are handmade.
Important: These aluminum louvered vents are made to order and are considered special, non returnable items and cannot be canceled once order is placed. The decorative air registers will ship between 7 to 9 weeks after purchase has been processed.

Get an aluminum louvered vent in the Renaissance design and with a screen backing for all return air needs. Classic Grilles decorative air registers are also available in multiple designs to match any decor.

Beautiful aluminum louvered vents will look great in any home so order them today!




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Aluminum Classic Grills Renaissance Style Registers - White
Aluminum Classic Grills Renaissance Style Registers - Black
Aluminum Classic Grills Renaissance Style Registers - Bare Aluminum
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