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10 Inch Round Ceiling Diffuser

10 Inch Round Ceiling Diffuser

White Round Ceiling Vent - 10 Inch Round Ceiling Diffuser

Affordable and obtainable 10 inch round ceiling diffuser in white. This round ceiling vent comes with a steel butterfly damper to control air volume from the register. The all steel construction and white enamel coating ensures this round diffuser is durable enough to use in the ceiling and the wall. Replace your current outdated and damaged round diffusers with this clean and attractive 10 inch round ceiling diffuser.

10 Inch Round Ceiling Diffuser Highlights

  • All-steel construction
  • White enamel coating
  • Included butterfly damper controls air volume evenly
  • Step-down diffuser rings deflect air stream 360 degrees
  • Made for 10" diameter hole in the wall/ceiling
  • Overall round diffuser faceplate size of 13 15/16"
  • Screws included for installation

Why is there 2 sets of holes on the damper?
Hover over or click on the image below to see a explanation.

  • Accord Round Damper Accord Damper Screwhole Placement
    Detailed Image of Hart & Cooley's Round Damper with Screw Hole Placements

Tip: To order your round ceiling vents correctly, you must measure your hole opening in the ceiling. For example, this 10 inch round ceiling diffuser is made for a 10 inch diameter hole in the wall or ceiling.

***10 inch ceiling diffuser is a special order item that takes approximately 2 weeks to ship

Don't need the damper to control aiflow? Purchase a 10 inch round ceiling grille.

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